Over £400 raised by UCFB Etihad students for BBC’s Children in Need


A proud achievement for all involved in the UCFB charity match on Wednesday November 23rd as the money raised from auction bids totaled £468. The money is to go directly to BBC’s charity Children in Need, a fantastic cause that helps young and disabled children across the UK.

Players made bids on the positions they wished to play and the team they wanted to represent, the minimum bid starting at £2 per position.

Some positions were in higher demand than others, with Ed Walker confirming he won the role of England Manager with a £45 bid. Other positions were snapped up with smaller bids, with England players Jake Parr and Ben Moran obtaining they desired positions for £4 and £2 respectively.

A key basis for the high amount of money being raised is down to the willingness by so many students to participate and get involved with a great cause. The number of players making various key, impact or cameo appearances for both sides was 40. Not only did this provide managers of both sides lots of options with their tactics and lineups but meant UCFB were maximizing the money being raised as much as possible.

The £468 raised is going to make a big difference to funding projects and helping improve the lives in young and disabled people throughout the UK, as it is added to the fundraising pot of 2016, which as of 26 November, stands over £46m. Event organiser Dale Hargen will hope the success of the event can be emulated and improved in future charity events.


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