UCFB Children In Need Charity Match: England vs Rest of World – Match Preview

Across the country, we see many creative and innovative ways in which people help to raise funds for the BBC’s UK charity, Children in Need. At UCFB Etihad campus, students shall be representing their national teams, in a very similar event to Soccer Aid, where an England team will be taking on a Rest of the World team at the Regional Arena Stadium.

Money has been raised in an innovative way at UCFB, with players bidding in auctions for the position and team they wanted to play for and represent, with the minimum of £2 bids. Manager and match official positions were also made available in order to raise extra funds for Children in Need.

After speculation, it is confirmed to by England winger Jake Parr that there will be a physical and very competitive battle between himself and Rest of the World wide man Nathan Price.

‘It is certainly going to be a battle down the wing between us two’.

Rest of the World striker Ethan Mooney is wary of the strength of the opposition, and hopes to get on the scoresheet for his team.

‘I think we’ve got to punish England with every chance that we have, and I definitely want to get a goal or two and really contribute to our team’s performance.’

A man trying to stop Mooney will be England centre half Ben Moran, a coolheaded player and calm presence in the England defence. However, when asked about his preparation ahead of the match, he confirmed that he has a slight back problem.

‘I’ve been suffering with minor pain in my lower back recently but it isn’t going to stop me making an appearance for my country and I hope Ed (Manager of England) still gives me some game time’.

The match between England and Rest of World is on November 23rd at the Regional Arena Stadium.


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